Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure Vanilla Extract

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Our vanilla extract is truly "pure" with only two ingredients: gourmet vanilla beans and Canadian vodka. We use high-quality spirits, no additives and there are real vanilla beans in every bottle so with time the vanilla flavor will become even bolder and more enhanced. Check the label of your store-bought vanilla extract and if it contains more than two ingredients, it has probably been watered down and/or sugar-infused.

Our Madagascar vanilla beans are extracted in clean, pure, 5X distilled 40% Canadian Vodka. By using a tasteless and odorless alcohol, we allow the vanilla flavor to really shine through. 

Once you start baking with our vanilla extract, you will not go back to the store-bought one.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Excellent quality and AMAZING service

This really is this best vanilla money can buy. Ordered it online and it was at my front door within 48 hours. Perfect all around. Thank you!

heather trim
If you bake you need this

Baking is all about your ingredients, which often includes vanilla. So if you have taken the time, put in the effort, you need a good vanilla. And why not support a small women’s business at the same time. There is a reason I have ordered more than once!!! And the vanilla powder now fascinates me :)

Marie Joseph
Best Vanilla

I love this product so much. Best vanilla I have used. The favour is just in your face and just wonderful when you taste the vanilla.

Beth McKenzie
Love it!

It’s pure and smells incredible. I usually make my own but this is ready to go and so very good! Maybe one day I’ll try a DIY vanilla kit.

Stephanie Duffy
Wonderful flavour

I love that this vanilla extract is handcrafted by a local, woman-owned company. I have also purchased their ground vanilla bean powder and the quality of everything I have tried so far is just amazing. Super fragrant and delicious! Also, I have never had quicker local delivery before. Personal handoffs from one of the owners, great communication and quality products will keep me coming back to support this wonderful small business. Thank you!!